Grey Heron Video And Photo

In this post I show you a photo of a grey heron (Ardea cinerea) again, but this time also a video as I basically promised in another post. Talking about the photo I must say that I am not happy with the quality, but often my 300mm lens is not enough and also in this case I had to crop heavily again. Anyway, photography is mainly about the subject and I am happy when I can get one of these shots, even if I have to crop. I also filmed the video with my 300mm lens, it’s a bit difficult … Continue reading Grey Heron Video And Photo

Common Chaffinch Song

Today during my hike, I noticed a singing bird in the tree, it was the common chaffinch you can see in the photo of this post. I thought that I would have no chance to take a photo, because these small birds are often very shy, and if they are somewhere in the trees, the distance is a problem as well. I often try to take the photos anyway, because I can decide at home if they are good or if I want to delete them. In this case, the bird was two meters above me, I went a few … Continue reading Common Chaffinch Song

A Woodpecker In The Fog

I’ve been in L├╝beck for two days to manage some things. One morning I had a little bit of time and decided to walk through the parks near the Trave River. It was a foggy morning, very beautiful, and at some point on my way, I heard the drumming somewhere in the trees, it was clear there would be a woodpecker somewhere. I find it very hard to take photos of them, I heard them often, but usually they are at the top of the tree and that makes it very difficult. In this case I had a little bit … Continue reading A Woodpecker In The Fog