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A Woodpecker In The Fog

Woodpecker - Specht

I’ve been in Lübeck for two days to manage some things. One morning I had a little bit of time and decided to walk through the parks near the Trave River. It was a foggy morning, very beautiful, and at some point on my way, I heard the drumming somewhere in the trees, it was clear there would be a woodpecker somewhere. I find it very hard to take photos of them, I heard them often, but usually they are at the top of the tree and that makes it very difficult. In this case I had a little bit more luck and spotted the woodpecker right away. I believe woodpecker in my photo could be a female great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major). I didn’t only take some photos, I recorded a video as well, but too late, which means you sadly can’t hear the drumming in the video…


  1. Oh so very lucky! I know how hard it is to get any bird – let alone a woodpecker – and the phot you give is Extra tasty with the angles of the trees and foliage – very nice photo 😌

    • It’s sadly difficult to hold this lens steady at 300mm, so, the video is quite shaky… I need to purchase a bag for my tripod, to record more stable videos 🙂

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