Great Spotted Woodpecker On The Tree


With this post I want to show you a great spotted woodpecker. I shot the photo during my time in Reinfeld and here is another photo that I shot in Lübeck. I’d say it’s not the easiest bird to photograph, because first of all you need to find one and apart from that, if you find one you will most likely have to point your camera to the treetop. I still have some other photos in my library but in almost all cases there are distracting branches in the photo due to the fact that you find them on top of trees. If you see one, with patience you might get a decent shot and cropping during post processing can help too, of course with the loss of image quality. Here is the photo without any editing…



2 thoughts on “Great Spotted Woodpecker On The Tree

  1. That’s funny. I just talked about woodpecker last sunday, because i heard one at the cemetery.I stretched my neck and looked everywhere, but i was not able to see the noisy bird. So you were very lucky to capture one. 😉

    1. Haha, I know that feeling. Yeah, you hear them from far away when they hammer on the wood, but it’s difficult to spot them. I find it most difficult close to a river, because the echo of the sound is confusing and you have to find out where exactly the sound comes from. 🙂 I have a couple of other images of woodpecker that I didn’t upload yet, but they all are not perfect because as you said, you need to be lucky to capture one, and even more lucky to get a decent photo 🙂 Also they are shy, when they spot you, they might hop on another branch or tree and you are confused again 😀

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