Old Daisy Photo

I’d like to upload some of my older photos from time to time. When I say old, I mean photos in this case that I have taken before I purchased my first DSLR camera. I remember the time when my blog was just a year old and how I was totally amazed about my new 50 dollar Medion point and shoot camera, damn my English was much worse at that time. When I got my DSLR, I forgot about the folders full of photos taken with my previous camera. It’s too sad to forget about the old photos, I really should upload photos from this folder too at times. I am going to start with a point and shoot daisy photo today…


2 thoughts on “Old Daisy Photo

  1. I have about 50,000 older pictures that really should be re-processed. It isn’t going to happen in this life. I can barely keep up with the new stuff but there are some treasures in the older files.

    1. Same feeling here, I never will finish to upload them all, but I might start to pick a few from time to time to upload them. Also good point with the newer photos, I barely can keep up with my most recent photos either. Photography is just one of those hobbies where you can go all crazy, you take more photos than you can ever use 🙂

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