Finally, My First DSLR…

My First DSLR

A small update here. Some of you know that I did fight with myself if I should buy the new Nikon D7200 or the D7100. To be honest, I had already headache because of too much thinking. Today I decided to buy the D7100.

This camera was price reduced due to the D7200 release and I had the budget for it. I now had some savings leftover that I could use to get me a camera bag and other stuff, and then I still have money that I can use elsewhere. I decided that this camera should be enough for a DSLR beginner like me.

So, finally, I bought my first DSLR. I might talk about this in more detail later on, but probably I will forget it, I think the camera will keep me busy for several days. I need to learn a lot now. This is the small update, now I can’t wait to charge the battery to finally get my hands on it. And don’t expect to find better photos here in the future, I am absolutely not sure how this will work out πŸ˜‰

28 thoughts on “Finally, My First DSLR…

      1. This is actually a great idea. Why didn’t I think about this, I had enough money leftover πŸ˜€ Well, I can do this next week πŸ™‚

    1. I hope so, but after so much thinking and watching reviews, I think this is one of the cameras with the best bang for my budget. I had some others on the list too, but I had to make a decision πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for the suggestion Victor, I will check out the site, I probably will need a community where I can find help. I assume I will have quite a lot of questions πŸ˜€

      1. Haha, yea, that is what I thought too. To be honest, I had a bad feeling to put so much on the table, but on the other side, that’s what I saved for. I think the bad feelings will go once I enjoy working with this camera πŸ™‚

  1. Exciting news Dennis. I know how long you have been waiting to get this camera. Have fun playing with it. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing your review of the camera when you are more used to it.

    1. When the D7200 news came out, I lately wanted to buy this one. But I was not sure if the small upgrade to the D7100 would justify the big jump of the price. I really had headache after thinking back and forth. I thought about this for weeks. I knew I could already afford the D7100 with my savings, for the D7200 I would have needed to save one or two more months.

      Today I made the decision to get the cheaper predecessor as the price dropped. I thought I should stay realistic, there is always a better camera, and considering that I used a mobile device and point and shoot, the D7100 DSLR jump is already big enough. Also considering that I am a total DSLR beginner. Many reviews said the D7100 is a real big bang for the money anyway.

      With the big price difference, I now could also buy some accessories like the camera bag, one UV filter as lens protections and so. Then there is now even money left that I put to the side for a better lens and so. I don’t regret my decision, this was simply more realistic than saving a few more months to get the other camera without accessories and ending up with depleted savings.

      So far I can say this camera is really fun (of course I do still have the auto mode active, as I need to learn all the other stuff). But it is doing what I expected, shooting super fast, lots of detail in the picture, high resolution and so on. But I can also say that the kit lens is not too impressive, but I expected that from a 150 dollar lens (also I was warned about this). I will use this one to learn the camera, and as said, then I can upgrade to better glass when I understand the camera fully, because there are still savings leftover.

      After two or three hours playing with the camera, I can already say that I don’t regret it. This thing will most likely keep me busy in the future πŸ˜€ I am excited too.

    1. Good point. I was quite shocked when I saw the manual, this is basically a bible. But of course, that is what I expected. You are right, there is a steep learning curve. But I am so brave to say that it will be worth the learning. I am more concerned that this could open Pandora’s box, you can upgrade DSLR’s with all kind of stuff, I am afraid this hobby will eat a lot of money over time πŸ˜€

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