Finally, My First DSLR…

A small update here. Some of you know that I did fight with myself if I should buy the new Nikon D7200 or the D7100. To be honest, I had already headache because of too much thinking. Today I decided to buy the D7100. This camera was price reduced due to the D7200 release and I had the budget for it. I now had some savings leftover that I could use to get me a camera bag and other stuff, and then I still have money that I can use elsewhere. I decided that this camera should be enough for … Continue reading Finally, My First DSLR…

The Roudmap To The Nikon D7100

One of the things that my blog taught me is that I pretty much enjoy taking photos. When I remember right, everything started when I noticed that I can glam up my articles with photos. I began to add photos to my articles in an ever-increasing rhythm. At some point, I didn´t know anymore what exactly I wanted to highlight and share, thoughts or photos? Today I know, both, words and images. It didn´t take me a long time to figure out that my interest in graphic design did benefit from my huge photo folders too. I had my own … Continue reading The Roudmap To The Nikon D7100

Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

When I took photos of my cat Shyna, she started to play with the strap of my digital camera. I really had to laugh but at the same time I realized that it would be the chance to get some funny shots. I will upload some of them over time. But I start with the one above. I edited the image with Photoshop and added a monochrome effect. But then there is also the original image… Only sad thing is that it seems that there were hairs on or near the lens. It looks like if there would be two … Continue reading Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

My Mother Got A GoPro Hero 3+ Camera For Free

It´s not often that someone in my family has luck. But I talk about contests and the reason is that we usually don´t participate in contests or lotteries. But there is this very serious company that we know and they sometimes run contests and the conditions of participation are not that horrible like in most of the contests. What I mean is, that it is no scam and everything is really fair. My mother did participate and a month later she has won a GoPro Hero 3+ action camera. She got the video camera and we saw that this one … Continue reading My Mother Got A GoPro Hero 3+ Camera For Free

Red-eyed Cat Shyna

Above you can see an image I shot of my cat Shyna. The lighting conditions were perfect as I mentioned earlier in my other article, so that even my cheap digital camera did do a good job. It´s impressive what this cheap digital camera and smartphones can do if all conditions are ok. You´re right, I edited the photo a little bit with Photoshop. I colored her eyes red and I have darken the background a little bit more and I also made adjustments with the shadows and highlights of the image. Here is another version without red eyes… The … Continue reading Red-eyed Cat Shyna

There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

Today I was in the mood to experiment with my cheap 60 Dollar camera and decided to visit an art supply store as I wanted to find black and white paper. The reason is that I wanted to experiment with backgrounds, or let me say I wanted to use the paper as my photo background when I take photos of objects for example. I found the paper and went home but not without taking some images outside, but more about this later. You could almost say that springtime starts and the first warm sunbeams are noticeable. It was pretty warm … Continue reading There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop