There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

Today I was in the mood to experiment with my cheap 60 Dollar camera and decided to visit an art supply store as I wanted to find black and white paper. The reason is that I wanted to experiment with backgrounds, or let me say I wanted to use the paper as my photo background when I take photos of objects for example. I found the paper and went home but not without taking some images outside, but more about this later.

You could almost say that springtime starts and the first warm sunbeams are noticeable. It was pretty warm today and apart from the weather we had also perfect lighting conditions. While I am no expert in photography, there is one thing I noticed. Light, light, light, it´s all about light. Logical, but with the right conditions of illumination, you can even get something out of a 60 Dollar camera. The good thing is that I have windows in the living room of my apartment that go from the ceiling to the ground. The sun can shine through from the left, from the right and from the front as the windows and the area there in my living room is like a very small or let me say 2 meter “winter garden”. It´s perfect to take photos there if the sun stands right.

I placed my new black paper on the ground and took my glass water with lemon as it wouldn´t be only tasty but also a good object for a photo shooting. I started to experiment a little bit and had tons of photos after the shooting. I might edit some later but I picked one out early as I was nosy what I could do with Photoshop. I edited and tweaked the image and the finished photo is here…

Lemon Refreshment

It looks fresh, well what else? It´s lemon and cold water! But it also looks a little bit surreal. I think the focus of the camera didn´t work right on the whole image. Some parts are very clear while the lemon in the water is very blurred. Maybe I did have very shaky hands. But it´s just one photo I took out of many. Let me see if I find a better one later. But anyway I really like the result in the image above anyhow. I really love to go crazy with Photoshop. So, this is the improved or edited one and not the original image. Here is how the original image looked like before I edited the photo with Photoshop…

Lemon Glas Image Before Editing With Photoshop

I noticed this is really a good image I could use to show that there is hope, even if people use a cheap camera. The original image is not too bad. You can fix a lot of things with Photoshop and you could even go crazy and make it look a little bit surreal like I did. I saved the original image on my hard disc as it is a good photo, that I could use some day to write a tutorial and to demonstrate that you can even improve photos that you shot with a cheap 60 Dollar camera. I do not often write tutorials as they are a little bit effortful to write but on the other side, I should do that maybe more often as it might be helpful for some people. I will think about it.

At the end I would like to ask if you like the first image of this article, the one that I tweaked with Photoshop?

3 thoughts on “There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

  1. I much prefer the fiRst image with the deeper colors ! it is beautiful.
    It is fine to use graphic tools to improve photos. Photoshop is like another paintbrush for your compositions. It is too expensive for me but I love to do things to images including my drawings, with simpler graphic programs.

    1. Thank you. It´s really fun to work on photos afterwards. I don´t do this always and publish some snapshots also as they are. But sometimes I really want to improve some things. Fortunately I bought Photoshop CS 5 some time ago. Today Adobe does only rent licences to use their “online tools”. They have a new business model.. they don´t sell software, they rent it today and that is mad unless you have still a copy of Photoshop CS 5 for example. I am happy that I have because I refuse to rent software.

      What do you use? I know some people who don´t have Photoshop yet, they use the Gimp software which is round about as complex as Photoshop. If you don´t use it already, maybe this would be something for you? Gimp is a free software and there are many tutorials written in the web. 🙂

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