Shyna And The Green Scarf

Yesterday I took a new set of photos with Shyna. My little cousin gave me this beautiful green scarf because she thought I could use it to play with my cat Shyna and she also wanted to get a photo of my cat with the scarf, you know, kids have some funny ideas. I didn´t know if my cat would like the idea but it turned out that she really likes the scarf. Sometimes I put it over her head so that she can´t see anything, for example if she lies in a cardboard, and then I do brandish some … Continue reading Shyna And The Green Scarf

There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

Today I was in the mood to experiment with my cheap 60 Dollar camera and decided to visit an art supply store as I wanted to find black and white paper. The reason is that I wanted to experiment with backgrounds, or let me say I wanted to use the paper as my photo background when I take photos of objects for example. I found the paper and went home but not without taking some images outside, but more about this later. You could almost say that springtime starts and the first warm sunbeams are noticeable. It was pretty warm … Continue reading There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I don’t know what got into me. But I really didn´t have any idea how I can participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Motto Illumination. But then I found a blue LED at home and asked my self if I could use it for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I searched for more stuff and found a transparent vase which I filled with some water. I did put the vase on two books with a white paper on top. I did place the books so that there is still room between both books because I wanted the LED under … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

A pink Flower for Birthday

This is a pink Flower on my Mothers Balcony. My Uncle came with this Present for my Mother on her Birthday. I told her that I start to upload some of my Photos to the Blog and she said that she can supply me with some beatiful Photos she made as well. This Photo here is a good start. I like the Flower with the Raindrops on the Leaves Lately my Mother is somewhat amazed by taking Photos too. It is to sad that we dont own a high quality Camera but sometimes there are also good Results with these … Continue reading A pink Flower for Birthday