Shyna And The Green Scarf

Shyna And The Green Scarf 1

Yesterday I took a new set of photos with Shyna. My little cousin gave me this beautiful green scarf because she thought I could use it to play with my cat Shyna and she also wanted to get a photo of my cat with the scarf, you know, kids have some funny ideas. I didn´t know if my cat would like the idea but it turned out that she really likes the scarf.

Sometimes I put it over her head so that she can´t see anything, for example if she lies in a cardboard, and then I do brandish some of her toys in front of her nose. She really likes that and I believe she can see through it. Maybe it´s the green world that is so interesting, I remember that I enjoyed to discover the world in other colours with slightly translucent fabrics as a child too. However, as my cat brings the scarf to me, it seems that there must be something that she enjoys. But now let me show you the fashionista wearing the scarf…

As often we took the photos in front of our favorite background, the red curtain in my living room. Not only that the single colour allows me to make easy changes on the background if I want to, it is also a great place due to the fact that I have much sunlight there as a natural light source and if you ask me, good lighting alone can do wonders and you can create amazing photos even with the cheapest camera if that aspect is right. When the sunlight shines on the red curtain or in the face of my cat, it makes such a huge difference and improves the quality of the photos heavily which is why I like to take photos there.

It really also depends how the sun stands, if the sunbeams come from the side behind me, it can even happen that the red background will appear darker, sometimes even quite black and it is then easy to darken the rest of the photo to make the background completely black as I showed you on another photo of Shyna some time ago. There you can see what you can do with natural light alone, although I edited and improved the image with Photoshop too.

Anyway, I still would call the new photo set here snapshots, but I think they are some great and funny snapshots of my cat. Hope you liked the set too.

12 thoughts on “Shyna And The Green Scarf

  1. This is a great set of pictures Dennis. Shyna is quite the fashionista isn’t she? The colour of the green scarf really jumps out at you so perhaps your little cousin has some artistic instinct in wanting you to take those photos.

    1. Yes, the photos made me smile too 🙂 And about my cousin, there is definitely some creative blood in our family. Grandpa played the guitar, so I do and my cousin started to learn recently too. She has some creative ideas already. Also she starts to take photos and she really has an eye for beautiful things. I have one photo that she took and wanted to upload it some day. It´s a leaf on the water with waterdrops on it and a really beautiful scene. Her photo is just a little bit small and upended so that I need to add some text around it to make the blogpost look good. But I will upload it some day. 🙂

      1. When I got her, they said it is a Siam mix. The veterinaries however said that this can´t be as Siam cats have strong genes that almost everytime result in offspring with blue eyes even if just one parent is Siam or Siam Thai cat. The vets then filled “European Shorthair” into her sheet.

        Whoever was right, the vets or the breeders, I think she is a beautiful mix 🙂 I got her when she was 12 weeks old, how time flies, she is now 6 years old. She is an enrichment for my life 🙂 We have a lot of fun together.

  2. The lightning/colour/quality of the photo is perfect
    (I can´t explain but the picture sharpness is very explicit).
    The cat is purrfect 😀
    Seriously cats are so cute, if you lay a scarf/towel on them.
    Our cat enjoys it if we dry him after coming back from the outdoors if it rains.
    Greetings Zauberin2

    1. I´m glad you like the photos 🙂

      Haha, Shyna likes to get dried with a towel too but as she is a house cat, she doesn´t need to bathe often. But in summer she sometimes get a cooling in the bath, but as most cats she doesn´t like water, but she loves the towel afterwards like your cat does.

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