Undercover Kitty Again

Remember my post with the title Undercover Kitty? Weeks later, I might have found the same cat again and shot many photos. I am not 100% sure but it could be the same cat or it’s the same litter. If it’s the same cat, this time it might have recognized me and it wasn’t afraid of me. I shot several photos and at the top, you see one of them. I will upload more photos in the future. Continue reading Undercover Kitty Again

Trick or Treat Monster

The photo above is my entry to the recent WordPress photo challenge with the motto treat.  Halloween time starts, and as my cat looks like a little hungry furball monster in the photo, and because she got a treat while I shot the photo, I thought it would fit to the challenge motto. Trick or treat? Kitty logic is very different… trick and treat! Continue reading Trick or Treat Monster

Black And White Cat Image

I was a little bit bored and decided to take one of Shyna’s photos to edit the image with Photoshop and Lightroom. Above you can see the results after editing. I decided to go for black and white style. Below you can see how the image looked like before editing… It’s really fun to experiment with photos. Sometimes you can get some cool results out of pictures. I like how you can go crazy and change whatever you like. I love it. Continue reading Black And White Cat Image