Undercover Kitten

Undercover Kitty

I almost didn’t notice the kitten but then I did and I immediately raised my camera to take some photos. The kitten was pretty brave and did let me creep up on it but not too close, which means again that I had to crop the images. But I am glad I could take a photo of this small creature before it disappeared in the shrubs. After that I saw two other cats, both on a roof of a garden shack. One of them didn’t like that I was there and ran away, but there was still another one on the roof that wasn’t shy. I will show you those photos soon. For now let’s stick with the kitty in the photo above, because I have two more…

8 thoughts on “Undercover Kitten

    1. Haha, I thought the same thing yesterday and opened the post with the kitty from last week.

      Perhaps it’s the same litter, but the one from last week seemed to belong to a garden owner who seemed to have 3 cats. So, I am not sure about that.

      I’d say the one from last week is not a feral cat, and the current one here probably is. But who knows, it could be that some garden owners just adopt feral cats that visit their gardens regularly.

      I noticed the ears of both cats are very different. The kitty in this post here seems to have a much sharper ear shape than the other one.

      I found both kittens about two kilometers apart. But that’s no evidence against your theory either as I guess they roam around a lot.

        1. Yes, possible. Photographing cats the last week made me curious how much cats there are in this area. I got into small talk again with a garden owner who told me there are possibly hundreds of cats as he has seen a lot of different ones over time. That made me curious and I plan to take more photos. I do also wonder how it is during autumn and winter and if I can spot cats during that time. I will see.

        2. Cats tend to roam over a wide area too even domestic ones. There was a very interesting British TV series made about cats a few years ago. They tracked a group of pet cats to see how far they travelled and where they went by attaching a camera to their collars. Even some of the owners were surprised to see how many kilometres some of them travelled. One multi cat family was surprised to learn that one of their cats had found a second home with a neighbour and was regularly visiting for food and a quiet place to hang out. They also studied a group of farm cats who were essentially wild. If you haven’t seen it you might find it worth tracking down.

        3. That’s funny, I think I watched this exact same documentary on YouTube two months ago or so. The cat with the two families was funny and I liked the fact that both families didn’t have an argument but said it would be fine. I enjoyed that documentary. 🙂

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