Undercover Kitty Again

Remember my post with the title Undercover Kitty? Weeks later, I might have found the same cat again and shot many photos. I am not 100% sure but it could be the same cat or it’s the same litter. If it’s the same cat, this time it might have recognized me and it wasn’t afraid of me. I shot several photos and at the top, you see one of them. I will upload more photos in the future. Continue reading Undercover Kitty Again

Black Kitty Again

I make this short. The photo at the top is just the colored version of the same photo I showed you two days ago. I just didn’t have much time left that evening to prepare both images for the upload. It was already evening the day I shot the photo, which means the image is a bit noisy. But I still like it as I could get very close with my lens but I still cropped the image a bit. Continue reading Black Kitty Again

Black Kitty

I need to sleep soon but I thought I quickly upload a photo to my blog. I shot the photo today and it might be one of the black cats I showed you previously. It’s very likely because I found it in the same garden alley but this time alone. I liked the photo a lot in black and white but the colored photo is great too even if it was shot during sunset but I was able to edit the image on a way that it looks good. Excuse me, I will show you the colored version and a … Continue reading Black Kitty

Young Tabby Cat

If you saw my previous posts, you probably might think it’s tabby cat day on my blog. But I can assure you that I didn’t plan this. It’s just that I mostly saw tabby cats today when I was outside to take more cat photos. The cat in the image above was a bit shocked at first when it saw me but then it sat down and stared at me. So, I was able to take some more photos of this cat and I will edit and upload them in the future. I think the image above is the best … Continue reading Young Tabby Cat