Cute Kitten

Above is another cat photo I shot today. I saw this small and cautious kitten in a garden plot and it allowed me to take a photo. But you can see how cautious the kitten was. The plants are sadly a bit distracting but I really wanted the photo of this small kitten and I think it’s not too bad. Today I got a few photos that fit into my cat photo collection. Maybe I will do this again the next day. It’s actually pretty funny if you challenge yourself to take photos of just one subject, like I did … Continue reading Cute Kitten

Little Black Cat

Today I walked through one of the local garden areas, because I wanted to take photos of birds. But it came different, I didn’t really take much bird photos. But as you can see in the image above, I found a cat on my way, a very little black cat. It was funny, because it wanted to cross the path from the hedge on the right to the left. I was as surprised as the cat, and I was calm to get the photo. After that the cat crossed the path and disappeared behind the hedge on the left that … Continue reading Little Black Cat

The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times

It’s interesting, I never uploaded the very first photos we took when Shyna moved as a kitten into the apartment where I lived at that time. The only photo that I uploaded of that time is the one that the breeder took. That was the photo before I gave her a home. What I will show you now, that are the photos that I took the early days of her arrival in her new home. All the photos in this post are shot at that time. I sadly have not much photos of that time because I saved them on … Continue reading The First Photos of Shyna, Old-Times

Werewolf Cat, A New Breed Of Cats Called Lykoi

Have you ever heard about Lykoi cats? I stumbled over this name and the cats today while browsing through the internet. This seems to be a new breed of cats and they are not only called Lykoi but sometimes also Werewolf Cat as Lykoi is Greek and means Wolf but more about this later. Now you must think that I am kidding here, but I am not. This is no joke, this is really something I found while browsing the web. Maybe you found photos or videos of these cats too and you thought that would be again some kind … Continue reading Werewolf Cat, A New Breed Of Cats Called Lykoi

I Want a Second Cat but…

Right! I actually search for a while now. I do believe that it would be better if I get a second cat. I look for a kitten. It is not just because I want one more cat. I think that it would be better for Shyna. I do engage her a lot but I do believe that it might be cool if there would be one more cat, so that they could play with each other. It´s not that easy if you have a special cat in mind. I would like it if there would be a little bit similarity … Continue reading I Want a Second Cat but…

How can I get a cat?

Very important prologue… Some people ask “How can I get a cat” and I thought I do write about the topic and what the possibilities are. First of all I really really suggest you to read about cats before you think about getting a cat. I say this because the animal shelter are often full of animals which were set out forsaken anywhere. I do not want to say that you would do the same but please read anyway because a cat is not only fun, a cat is also demanding. I just do mention this because it is a … Continue reading How can I get a cat?