I Want a Second Cat but…

Right! I actually search for a while now. I do believe that it would be better if I get a second cat. I look for a kitten. It is not just because I want one more cat. I think that it would be better for Shyna. I do engage her a lot but I do believe that it might be cool if there would be one more cat, so that they could play with each other.

It´s not that easy if you have a special cat in mind. I would like it if there would be a little bit similarity to Shyna, which means I am looking for a rather slim and short-haired and female kitten. I know, all cat´s and animals are beautiful but I don´t think that it is bad if you have something special in mind.

I had, when I got Shyna. When I got Shyna, they told me she is a siam mix. I thought this would be true due to the similar body and face structure but our vet said later that she probably would have blue eye´s then and did write in her pass that she is a European shorthair. So, I am looking just for a similar cat, while I don´t take care much about the fur colour. It does not have to be a second tuxedo cat.

Orange? Black? Other colours? That all would be great. But yesterday I found those two female white cat´s on picture 9 on german ebay classifieds which look pretty similar to Shyna. I do like the one with the black stripe on the head. I did try to contact the person but they wrote that they are reachable in the week after 4 pm. Which means that it was not possible to contact them by phone on sunday.

The classified ad has already over hundred hits and I am afraid that there is much competition for me. Also I do feel a little bit cautious because I read that white cat´s with blue eye´s could be either deaf, blind or even both.

I feel conflicted. I don´t even know if they are still not sold yet but if not, it is for me hard to make a decision. I want a second cat but not sure if it should be a white cat due to the mentioned problems. I do believe I could check out if they can hear and see. I am afraid that Shyna could say no to a disadvantaged cat. I heard about similar stories. But well, those white kittens I found, are pretty cute!

What do you think?

(For those who come here from google: This blog post might be already out of date)

5 thoughts on “I Want a Second Cat but…

  1. How about let the cat pick you…really go to where there be more than just one cat of your specifications and you will see ..one of them would pick you and you will know it when it happened. .I did it that way at somebody else suggestion and got myself a wonderful cat which I adore

    1. I like that. This is how I got Shyna years ago 🙂 She was the first of all kitten who did greet me 🙂 It was like friendship from the beginning and I choosed her.

      But the cats I found yesterday are pretty white and I ask myself if they could be deaf. In germany are restrictions to breed white cats due to the high possibility of a gene defectiv. And it seems that the breeder did not proof the cats but several websites here say that this certificat is very important.

      I don´t have a problem to give a disadvantaged cat a home but I am not sure if I should support such breeders who don´t take care about those very important regulations and the animal protection act. I think those regulations are there to fight misbreed. This is why I am conflicted right now, if I should visit them later to choose one of those white cats. I am afraid.

        1. True and sad. This is why I make careful consideration right now. An alternative is to visit the animal shelter next days. I don´t have to do things too hasty. Let´s see.

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