Just a Small Hint about Creating Textures for your 2D or 3D Projects…

This blog post is for those who work with graphics software nevermind if we talk about 2d or 3d projects. Often you need textures and I do think that most of us create them directly with any software like photoshop for example. But the fun fact is that we often do create anything with help of software and forget that there are still possibilities without help of the computer.

Have you ever thought about creating your textures on paper to scan them or take photos of them, to prepare them later on with photoshop? I mean have you thought about this idea instead of using photoshop to hundred percent in your workflow? Maybe we should sometimes go back and see what real life offers to be creative. I am one of those who sometimes forget that several things could also be created with our hands. Maybe you too?

I saw some hand made textures on Leanne Cole´s Blog and I do think her way of creating textures, is worth to mention on my blog. She basically smudged papers with different materials and fluids to dry them later. The results can be perfectly digitalited later to get some creative results to use in your own projects as textures. This seems to be the old-fashioned way but the results are rather modern and pretty useful.


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