Lykoi Breeders Criticised By Some People

I reported already earlier about the Lykoi cats. I did introduce the Lykoi cats and the breeders and I talked about the big chance that the Lykoi cats might become very popular. But as I mentioned in this article, I am not the only one who reported about the Lykoi kitties and I mentioned that they recently got a lot of media attention. They were features on Yahoo Shine to name just one example. As I think it is an interesting subject, I didn´t only read most of the articles about the Lykoi cats, I also did read many comments … Continue reading Lykoi Breeders Criticised By Some People

Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

I recently wrote about the new cat breed called Lykoi. This seems to be an up-and-coming or let me say very trendy new cat breed. It seems that the original breeders of the unique Lykoi cats are pretty busy right now. They had round about 5000 followers on their Facebook page yesterday and then I saw that they had already 7810 fans today and they might even have much more if you found my article here very late. But if you take my value, then this is a percent increase of round about 56% in just one day and I … Continue reading Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

My cat can open doors!

Cat opens door: Did you know that some cats can open doors? As you can see in the video above, my cat knows how to open doors. You might think that I taught my cat how to open doors but the fact is that she is a self-taught door expert. I have seen this behaviour the first time when she was one year old. I think my cat can open doors because she has a keen perception. When she was young, I noticed several times how she monitored me. She learns pretty fast by watching. And then she tried several … Continue reading My cat can open doors!

How my Cat says Good Morning

Above you can see my cat how she says good morning. Every morning she comes to me to greet me. She is very attached to me and it seems that she is happy about each beginning of a day. Each morning I have to stroke her ears and head and then I hear her meow. In the picture above you can see our morning ritual. 🙂 Continue reading How my Cat says Good Morning