My cat can open doors!

Cat opens door:

Did you know that some cats can open doors? As you can see in the video above, my cat knows how to open doors. You might think that I taught my cat how to open doors but the fact is that she is a self-taught door expert.

I have seen this behaviour the first time when she was one year old. I think my cat can open doors because she has a keen perception. When she was young, I noticed several times how she monitored me. She learns pretty fast by watching. And then she tried several times to jump on the door and realized how to open doors.

She is a pretty intelligent cat in my opinion. I started to lock the main door of the apartment until I found out that my cat can open doors. I remember I played a computer game with my friends, when she successfully opened a door for the first time. It was the entrance door of my apartment. I noticed a blast of air but wondered as there was no opened window. I went through my apartment and noticed the entrance door was opened and my cat couldn´t be found in my rooms. Fortunately it was just the entrance door of my apartment and not the door of the hallway some stories lower. I found my cat one level lower in the floor of the apartment community, near a neighbours door and the banister rail. I guess my cat thought it was a great scouting expedition!

I do lock my main door twice since this day and thought “Why does my cat open doors?”. Later I came to the answer, she must be clever. But at the same time I found the solution for the problem. My cat can open doors but she simply can´t control the extra safety lock of the door. I locked the doors twice with the safety know from now on.

That my cat knows how to open doors, that is one old story. If you found out that your cat knows how to open doors, the answer will be the same… your cat seems to be smart. I thought that using the door handle would be already a masterly performance for a cat but later I realized that using the door knob was not the most difficult lesson she learned.

Today she even knows how to open drawers and cabinets. It happened several times that I found one of my cabinets opened while I thought “What? When did I open the cabinet?”. But it was not me as I found my cat taking a nap on my clothes in the cabinet. Must be a cozy place!

But that is not enough. I am a gamer and in the evenings I do like to play multiplayer games with my friends. For voice communication we use that tool called Teamspeak. We have our own Teamspeak Server where we meet each other some evenings to have a talk while we play games. You always hear a friendly female voice saying “Disconnected!” if you close the Teamspeak software. It´s simply one audio file of the tool to tell you that you are really disconnected from the server if you close the software. But now about my cat… what do you mean what she learned?`I give you the answer… my cat runs to me if she hears the friendly female voice saying that I have been successfully disconnected from the servers. Why? Because my cat learned that I want to play undisturbed one or two hours in the evening and that it means I have now more time, if the female voice says “Disconnected!”. Crazy? I think it´s funny.

Summarized I really go so far to say that my cat Shyna is extremely clever for a cat. And then I got one idea. If my cat can open doors and all the other things she learned, why don´t I try to teach her more stuff?

I guessed it would not be too difficult to teach my cat how to sit, how to give five and paw or what “Down…” means. I started to teach my cat all this. I do this since one half year now but the thing is that she did need just one week for all the mentioned tricks above. Ok, I used her favorite treats to reward her but what counts is that I was right. She is clever and it is easy to teach her tricks. You might be nosy now for more videos and I do promise you that I will upload a video about it in the near future.

I even thought her how to do the meerkat and my cat inspired me to do so. I mean how to stand up like a meerkat. Now I started to teach her to do a 360 and I have many more ideas. At the same time I do not understand the people who say that it would not be good to train a cat as they are headstrong. I can tell you that my cat is still headstrong and nothing has changed in her behaviour. If so, then only positive. See it like a game or a brain-teaser for my cat. I know her a long time now and I see how she likes it. It is activity for my cat. There are other things you can do to kill your cat´s boredom. But training the cat is one other good idea if you have noticed that your cat needs such brain games. But I suggest that you do not force your cat to anything. Do it if she likes it and do not demand too much. Five or ten minutes training units are way enough. But rather five. Your cat will show you when it´s enough.

Last question… Are cats smart? Yes, I do think so. Some of them are very smart. And it is only logical. Like all animals they might not be so smart like we humans but all animals have something in common. They had to develop own strategies to survive, to find food and so on. A stupid cat would not catch any bird or mouse. And for sure house cats do develop their own strategies and behaviour too. It´s just like with us humans… one person can be smarter than the other. And then some cats seems to show how clever they are, while other cats won´t do it. And the next cat is too lazy to show anything. They all are individuals. But to be honest, didn´t we all notice any clever behaviour of our pets in the past? 🙂 It might be just different things. To answer the question… yes cats are clever and some are extremely clever.

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10 thoughts on “My cat can open doors!

  1. So funny! My dog used to open doors 🙂 My cat usually climbs on my leg way up to the shoulder and stays there like a parrot :)). Hides in the flowers and jumps on you if you are near 🙂

    1. That is funny too! My cat does that too if she is on her scratcher and if I pass by. If I go near the windows, she seems to like the view from my shoulder 😀 So, I would say pets are pretty creative too 😀

  2. Our cat opens the doors with her paw.. very annoying when u want it closed. Is it possible to teach her to close the door?

    1. My experience is that you can teach a cat a lot. I would not say that something like this is impossible. But usually cats just want to learn only things that gives them advantages. While my cat can open doors, she can´t close them. I always have to close the doors then lol.

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