World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 and the Lack of Interest of Me and my Friends

World of Warcraft Screenshot Warlock and Horse

It´s interesting. World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 is out and I never felt so unconcerned like now. As far as I read the patch notes, they changed again a lot numbers of the mathematic, like they do every time with a patch. And they added new features and content again like in any of the past patches. And then they added a new island called “Timeless Isle” which you can discover…

Game director Tom Chilton and lead content designer Cory Stockton talked in an interview with IGN about many changes and the Timeless Isle and said “It’s really a chance to bring that sense of discovery back to the game.”.

Bring that sense of discovery back to the game? It must be a joke. Blizzard destroyed the sense of discovery in the game some years ago. I do not think that the sense of discovery ever will come back in World of Warcraft.

The main problem is that you now can visit a raid, a dungeon, the arena or a PvP battle with a touch of a button in a menu. I remember when me and my friend did travel to all these places without any of these simplifications. That was a lot of fun and actually the real sense of the game… the sense of discovering a huge fantasy world. Those menus destroyed all this, which is why most of the people I know only hate the game today.

I can tell you what we as horde players did do the last years. Logging in, go round in circles while watching the textures of Orgrimmar and waiting for the next invite to anywhere. This is the new sense of discovery in the new World of Warcraft. Do they really believe that one (maybe interesting) island will change that?

Over the past years, the game has been downgraded. We often say the game is now casualized and simplified. Every aspect of the game has been simplified so much that it got boring for the old and hardcore players. Not only the aspect of discovery. The whole game and every aspect of it is now downgraded.

It´s not a surprise that Blizzard has a problem with the decreasing amount of players. It´s no wonder. I knew a lot of people in my circle of friends who loved to play World of Warcraft. But this time is over and not because they got mature. They still play other games but they are sick of World of Warcraft. It´s now simply a game without soul. Not much is left. People love challenges and discovery but WoW doesn´t offer any challenge or sense of discovery anymore. The only thing left is a place where you can login… to get into the queue of anything.

To be honest… World of Warcraft was a great game in classic times. Burning Crusade was a hell of fun as well. Wrath of the Lich King was a good setting and a great expansion but the start of the first simplifications. Cataclysm was a real punch in the face because we got now a huge amount of simplifications. And then we saw Mists of Pandaria which was worse. If I today would ask all my friends who played World of Warcraft with me, if they would like to activate the account to play, they would ask me if I have any more problems. They are sick of this empty world. Me too.

I play games because of the challenge. I do not like it if I can achieve everything on the easy route and in days. I prefer it if I can achieve some things but not everything. I hate the new anonymity in World of Warcraft. I dislike it that they killed the sense of discovery.

My friends and me talked about WoW and we came to the result that it is not likely that we will activate the account in Mists of Pandaria again. It might happen but this time it is pretty unlikely. A new expansion could as always bring some refreshment but then it is again just because of a massive amount of new things to explore. But even with a new expansion, this joy does not hold on for a long time. That´s what Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria tought us.

For new fascination, Blizzard would need to go back to the old philosophy of the game with a complete overhaul. That´s what me and my friends think about World of Warcraft today. The game has been simplified too much over a long period.

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