Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

WoW Frost Mage

The Daily Prompt asks: “You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?” and my answer is…

I do not believe that much in magic, however the Daily Prompt questions gives me the chance to talk about magic. To be exact, I can talk about World of Warcraft where I met magic and where I got taught magic (laughing).

Well, me and my friends were World of Warcraft players of the first hours. When the whole thing started, we were aboard. I had to choose and create that toon or player character and I didn´t even know what the difference between all the choices I had were. I saw I could create a mage and I thought this could be fun and decided to “do some magic”.

My abilities were pretty funny and you can find out about them here! The game has changed a lot but we still do play it time by time. Just not that often anymore as the game is today just a downgraded version of what it has been. But new game content brings us back time by time to discover what has changed.

Overall it was a great game experience in all those years until they downgraded the game so that even dull people would understand the game. As said, it still can be fun but it never was like in the beginning. It´s just that new content arrived with new expansions for the game. That´s why we always were nosy to try out the new content. The next expansion called Warlords of Draenor will come out 2014 and friends and me will check it out again, maybe. But as always, we will probably do, at least for a little time.

As in the beginning of my World of Warcraft time, I will still play a mage, to be exact a frost mage. That´s how I met magic (laughing again) and I remained faithful to this class since the first hours of World of Warcraft.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

  1. I am perfectly willing to believe in magic. I have never really gotten into the world of games though. But if that’s what brought magic to you, you enjoy it 😉

    1. Hey James. Happy new year. I could have answered the question of the daily prompt more serious and related to real life but it inspired me anyhow to write about WoW where I played this “magic character” in the past. Apart from games I would answer it so…

      I do not believe that much in magic but in magic moments. I experienced a lot of moments in life wich appeared a little bit “magical”.

      But I usually classify the being and the moments we experience as the result of “the magic” our universe is doing. 😀 Let me say so,… if science is magic, then I believe in it 😀

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