Nice Bargain… I Timely Bought the Humble Bundle EU4 Offer…

I would say January 1 is a bad date for any offers. I do not understand why the Humble Bundle team has chosen this date. However, I came late but still timely and got one great game pretty cheap. Europa Universalis 4 for $9.99 and that is really a good deal.

I bet you will be late too but there is still one hour left to get this great game deal. There are also some other games offered cheap, however Europa Universalis 4 is something you should really get, especially if you are strategy gamer. Check out the Humble Bundle Winter Sales.

Europa Universalis 4 also called EU4, is a game by Paradox Interactive and believe me if I say that they still create hardcore strategy games and not such soft-boiled strategy games like some other developers. I played EU3 already dozens of hours, but now I am able to play EU4 too. Love it!

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