Game Deal: R.U.S.E The Art of Deception Collection 75% OFF

GamersGate has a really good deal running as they have R.U.S.E 75% OFF at the time I write this post. If you never played the game, it’s a really good real-time strategy game. I enjoyed this game together with a friend and we had hours and hours of fun. But the game does also come with a really interesting single player campaign. This is an excellent game you should have in your collection. If you are Steam user, you get a key to activate on Steam too. I would grab this game, it’s a nice deal and you get hours … Continue reading Game Deal: R.U.S.E The Art of Deception Collection 75% OFF

Chicken Fricassee For Cats

I found something new for my cat in a local store. About cats food, I always try to give my cat variety because I would hate it if I would just get two or three particular meals over and over again, so why should my cat get the same stuff again and again? If my cat would live outside, she could hunt birds, mouse’s, rabbits and what not. But a house cat is dependent on us, the pet owner. This is why I think it is important to offer variety. I always seek for new stuff. To be honest, I … Continue reading Chicken Fricassee For Cats

The Humble Bundle Weekly Sale With SEGA Games

You can get a lot of SEGA games for just a few dollars on the Humble Bundle Weekly Sales site. Pay what you want and you will get Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, Rome: Total War and Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. If you pay more than the average price that users paid (at the moment the price is at $5.99 while I write the article), you will get five more games. Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed, Binary Domain, Renegade Ops, Medieval II: Total War and 10 Classic SEGA Genesis Games. You will find the average price on the Humble … Continue reading The Humble Bundle Weekly Sale With SEGA Games

Wounded Guitar

I did talk about the guitar plaster already but the image above shows some of the wounds of my guitar. I do really like how much details my “abandoned” and cheap Medion camera can show. For this price it is really not a bad camera. The camera has something like a macro mode. You still can´t compare it with professional cameras or macro lenses but as said, for a cheap digital camera it is not too bad. Sometimes you can shoot great close up images with the camera. Continue reading Wounded Guitar