Chicken Fricassee For Cats

Chicken Fricassee For Cats

I found something new for my cat in a local store. About cats food, I always try to give my cat variety because I would hate it if I would just get two or three particular meals over and over again, so why should my cat get the same stuff again and again? If my cat would live outside, she could hunt birds, mouse’s, rabbits and what not. But a house cat is dependent on us, the pet owner. This is why I think it is important to offer variety.

I always seek for new stuff. To be honest, I also look at the price of the food because I think that some companies really have a ridiculous bad pricing policy here in Germany. Some companies for example put the word “Gourmet” on the product and think this would be enough to have a reason to sell these tiny packages for round about a Euro, while you would get four times as much to the half price if you buy the cheaper products. So, I wouldn´t always buy that expansive stuff just because it has a brand name or a buzzword on the product. But my point is, that I don´t take care about these rules at times, to give my cat variety as said.

Not only that I try to offer products that contain fish, rabbit, bird and other kind of meat rotational, I also try to switch to different brands because I see that the food of several brands also look different. So, I offer variety, I look at the price, but at times I do pay more to give her something special. I´d say I give a mix of cheap and expansive products in the week, while I take much more care if she likes the food or not, if she accepts the food.

Today for example I paid a little bit more, as I usually do one or two times a week. I found this Chicken Fricassee for cats and the price was ridiculous considering that it is just one small portion. But my cat likes this Chicken Fricassee, so that I buy it now and then. It´s as if I would think “cooking for myself is cheaper” while I sometimes think “Ah common, even if it costs more, I visit a restaurant today”. So, there are no strict rules, I would say.

That´s what I mean, it is the same way as I try to give my cat some special but pricy stuff time by time, just to offer something special or to give her variety.

The Chicken Fricassee for cats, is one of her favorite pricy meals. She really loves this product. On the image above you can see her enjoying the meal.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Fricassee For Cats

  1. That is a good and sensible way to take care of the kitty. I do the same with my two cats.

    1. Great! 🙂 It´s always fun to see nosy cats, when they look what you bought for them on the shopping tour. I can imagine your cats are also very nosy when you come home 🙂 My cat always looks like “Huh, you´re back?? what will I get today??”. 😀

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