Grand Master of Kitty Order

Grand Master of Kitty Order Meme -  Star Wars Inspired Meme

I thought it´s time again for a new meme. I was a little bit inspired by Star Wars and the character Master Yoda who said “Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you?”. I did annoy my cat a little bit with a towel and took a photo. I thought she was looking like a Jedi Master and searched for a nice Star Wars quote, to put it in the image.

My original photo was really a crappy shot, so that I didn´t expect much of possibilities but I tried my best. Here is the original shot that is pretty much grainy due to bad light conditions and my cheap camera…

Cat And Towel Original Image

I then did remove a lot of the grain first and adjusted the levels of the image to get at least acceptable results. After that I did cut out my cat and it looked like the image below…

Cat And Towel Cutout

I now just had to seek a nice background that looked like a Jedi place or temple. I can highly suggest CGTextures. They have a lot of awesome images that you can use for private and commercial work but please check out their “About page” and then “License” to understand what you are allowed to do with the images. I did use this temple image as background for my meme.

Finally I just added one of the Photoshop effect filters called “Sumi-e” that adds brush strokes or gives the layers where I applied the effect a painted look. And to make it complete, I added the mentioned Yoda quote as a text layer.

Considering that the original image of my cat was really in crappy quality, the results are not too bad I guess. Still goes through as meme, I think. Nothing serious, just should make people laugh, I wish. I created some other hilarious memes in the past.

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