What Are Internet Memes And Why Did They Become So Popular?

Introduction I am a little bit fascinated by internet memes since some time. I asked myself why they became so popular and how it could be explained. The answer to this question might be obvious or not but I want to dig a little bit deeper into this subject now. What Are Internet Memes? The chance is very high that you noticed them already, it’s in fact quite hard to miss them in the internet these days because internet memes are a widespread phenomena. But maybe you noticed them, you just didn’t know that they are called memes. Internet memes … Continue reading What Are Internet Memes And Why Did They Become So Popular?

One Does Not Simply Conceal Delicious Treats From Cats

I thought it is time to create a new cat meme for my meme collection. I found the image above on my computer and the image is just one or two months old. I wonder why I never uploaded it. Maybe because I have a gazillion of photos and I can´t and won´t upload them all at the same time. This photo of Shyna is in my opinion pretty funny. I was holding her favorite cat treats in my hands but she realized this very fast. You know, animals have a nice scent ability. I thought I need to caption … Continue reading One Does Not Simply Conceal Delicious Treats From Cats

This Cat Is Not Impressed

I had to laugh about this photo when I downloaded it from my camera. On this photo Shyna looks like if she would think “I´m not impressed that you want to take photos of me again!”. I simply had to search for a “Camera Forbidden” sign or texture as I thought it would fit so well. I found one and added the sticker with Photoshop to the carton that she captured after I received a product that I ordered in the internet. Hope this made you laugh too. By the way, talking about stickers and textures again, I can suggest … Continue reading This Cat Is Not Impressed

Grand Master of Kitty Order

I thought it´s time again for a new meme. I was a little bit inspired by Star Wars and the character Master Yoda who said “Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you?”. I did annoy my cat a little bit with a towel and took a photo. I thought she was looking like a Jedi Master and searched for a nice Star Wars quote, to put it in the image. My original photo was really a crappy shot, so that I didn´t expect much of … Continue reading Grand Master of Kitty Order