This Cat Is Not Impressed

Not Impressed

I had to laugh about this photo when I downloaded it from my camera. On this photo Shyna looks like if she would think “I´m not impressed that you want to take photos of me again!”. I simply had to search for a “Camera Forbidden” sign or texture as I thought it would fit so well. I found one and added the sticker with Photoshop to the carton that she captured after I received a product that I ordered in the internet. Hope this made you laugh too.

By the way, talking about stickers and textures again, I can suggest you CGTextures where you find a lot of cool textures that you can use for your projects for free but you should read the license that you can find on the site there. I got the sign texture from there too.

6 thoughts on “This Cat Is Not Impressed

    1. This is so true. They can speak volumes with their body language and facial expressions. After six years I really know a lot of her expressions and know when she feels annoyed, if she is happy and other feelings she might have. I also think they are not less expressive than we humans 😀

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