Summer Laziness

Summer Photo

I think I mentioned it quite often on my blog in the past. I really dislike too warm weather. Not that I dislike summer but I really prefer it if it´s not too warm. We had some rainy days over the last week or days that were not too warm but from one day to the other the weather changed drastically and now it is hot, really hot and the air moisture is maddening. It makes me tired, lazy, exhausted, I´m totally annoyed by too hot weather.

This is what I mean, I like summer but I dislike to live in an oven and that´s how I feel when the air moisture is so unbearable. But it´s even more unbearable as the weather changes are quite heavy. We had spring weather, autumn and summer weather in just one week. You really can get a jet lag from this weather. But then I also must admit that I am a very sensitive to changes of the weather.

Yesterday it was extremely hot. My mother and her husband called me in the evening and asked if I would like a barbecue on the balcony with a beer. I felt sick because of the hot day but my mother convinced me that it is already fresher on her balcony. I visited them and she was right, it was bearable in the evening. We enjoyed the barbecue, I drunk two beer and then much water. The day ended great.

Do you have a weather tolerance limit too? Do you like it cold? Do you like it very hot? I really like a lot but I dislike extremely hot weather. How about you?

11 thoughts on “Summer Laziness

  1. I don’t like the heat either Dennis. Especially if it is humid as well. I too feel lazy and sluggish in very hot weather especially if it is also hot at night which makes it difficult to sleep. I’m glad that it is not as hot in Tasmania as it is in the mainland states of Australia. Right now though it’s winter so heat is not a problem for me. 🙂

    1. Good point! I have problems to fall asleep as well when it´s too hot. This is the case at the moment. Also the humid air makes you drink a lot of water, otherwise I would get headache immediately. I think summer is fine but if you even sweat in the shadow or if the air is not so good, it´s straining, yes. 🙂

      1. Wow that is super deep freeze Diana. Then I can imagine that you dislike it. I really like winter and very cold days but then I rather talk about -10 or -15 degree celsius, if it´s colder I´d probably dislike it too.

  2. I like summer because is a dry weather and cold and windy at night but rainy weather is more moist and hot it sounds crazy but thats how it is here in my country, im trying to like rainy days and i almost did but i dont like the thunders lol 🙂

    1. I remember when we talked about this on Twitter. It seems that you have very crazy weather in Costa Rica 😀 It´s a beautiful country but the weather would probably kill me 😀

  3. No one can despise the heat more than me. Once it hits 80 degrees I melt. I get cranky, tired, sweaty and miserable. I only go outside to walk my dog and I do that at midnight. Even then, 8 months out of the year it is over 80 degrees. I live in the Maricopa valley in Arizona, not by my choice. I hate the continual intense sun and extreme heat here. We have sun 350 days a year. It is over 100 degrees 3 to 4 months out of the year and we get high humidity during that time as well. So yes Dennis, I too can understand how you fee. I just want to cry 😦

    1. Wow, Arizona has probably much more heat and humidity than we have here in Germany. Not sure how I would feel there but the last German late summers were already extreme enough for me. Too much heat is just bad for some people like us 🙂 I remember when a doctor laughed about me when I told him that the summer is way too much for me, he probably didn´t hear about people who prefer it a little colder or at least without much humidity 😀

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