Beautiful Brown Horse

Brown Horse

It´s some weeks ago when we found some horses far away from our city. I took a lot of photos but the horse on the image above always wanted my attention. As said, I am pretty lazy at the moment, but I will upload the other horse photos too someday. I noticed that I don´t have much horse photos on my blog, I should change that. I really like the brown horse on the photo. This makes me think “I want my own ranch anywhere in the nature”.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Brown Horse

  1. It’s a very nice photo. I did wonder where you had been lately but I expect you’ve been enjoying a summer holiday. Or at least a holiday from blogging.:)

    1. Haha, yes at times I try to leave my blog alone, to get new ideas. I´m little bit summer lazy. Wanted to enjoy the summer without having to take photos all the time and to upload them in the evening. Holiday from blogging would fit yes 🙂 At times it can be a releasing feeling when you not care about photos.. just slowed a bit down, yes. This is a good way to not give up with blogging because you always can come back with fresh energy 🙂

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