New Sun Lounger In The Garden

We have this new sun lounger in the garden. I like this, it’s pretty comfortable, at least if there wouldn’t be so much fire ants on the lawn. The fire ants are a little bit annoying, I had several of them on my legs and that was a little bit painful. Anyway, it’s good that we have a sun lounger now, perfect to enjoy the day. Continue reading New Sun Lounger In The Garden

Little Cute Bird

I shot the photo of this little cute bird a while ago. This is a sparrow, although I was not sure if it’s a house sparrow or a tree sparrow, I had to research. This is the type of bird that doesn’t cross your path that often although there are many of them in Germany. But they are shy, so little and very well camouflaged, and therefore hard to spot. They are mostly in the trees and only on the lawn to search worms, but you usually don’t get close or they fly away back to the trees. Looks like … Continue reading Little Cute Bird

Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

I mentioned several times now in my blog that it’s impossible to get real macro photos with the Nikon 18-105mm lens, however, in this post I will write down how you can get decent insect close-up shots with this lens, it’s possible but not without limits. First of all, it’s definitely impossible to take close-up photos of any insects smaller than a bumblebee, common bee or wasp, of course you can take photos of anything smaller but I wouldn’t call it close-up anymore, the fact is you can not really get closer to tiny insects. But you can get quite … Continue reading Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

Bumblebee At Work

It’s not a long time ago when I uploaded a photo of a bumblebee, but we have plenty of flowers in the garden and therefore also enough bumblebees and other insects.  I like to watch them, I also like to take photos of them. The Nikon 18-105mm lens is not really made for macro photography, but the more I use the lens, the more I get at least some kind of close-up shots, not exactly macro shots but still interesting photos I think. Continue reading Bumblebee At Work

Bumblebee On A Plant

I shot this photo in the garden. We have a lot of bumblebees in the garden due to all the flowers and plants. It would be a paradise for macro photography. Now I still need to work with the kit lens, it’s not optimal as I can not get very close to insects or flowers, because then I can’t focus anymore. But in this case I tried to get close as possible, at home I cropped the image to get even closer. It’s not too bad I think. Continue reading Bumblebee On A Plant