Little Cute Bird


I shot the photo of this little cute bird a while ago. This is a sparrow, although I was not sure if it’s a house sparrow or a tree sparrow, I had to research. This is the type of bird that doesn’t cross your path that often although there are many of them in Germany. But they are shy, so little and very well camouflaged, and therefore hard to spot. They are mostly in the trees and only on the lawn to search worms, but you usually don’t get close or they fly away back to the trees. Looks like I had a little luck when I shot the photo.

After researching, I think this could be a male sparrow. I found out on  a German bird site that male house sparrows. I have read that the tree sparrow has a brown head plate, and the house sparrow a grey head plate. Male house sparrows have a black throat, an auburn stripe on the side of the head and brown back feathering, while females are more pale. That’s what I have read. I think the sparrow in the photo might be still young, they have a bigger head in the photos I found on the German bird site.

Bear with me, I hope all that is correct, I find it quite difficult to distinguish birds, as same as plants or flowers. But that’s the fun about photography, I can try to close this gap and learn more about different animals and plants.

4 thoughts on “Little Cute Bird

    1. Thank you Vera… I like the small birds, I wish it would be easier to take pictures of them, but maybe next year when I saved for a tele lens. They are so shy that more zoom distance would really help to take more of these photos. 🙂

    1. Thank you Vera, I will check the blog out… I like animal bloggers and photographers. 🙂 Just saw the first few pictures now but they are great… I will follow the blog.

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