Another Sparrow

I already shot several photos of sparrows, but I thought I upload another one. It’s maybe not the greatest photo, but also not one I would want to delete because the sparrow is still clearly visible. What I just don’t like is that the branches in the photos are a bit distracting from the main subject. But with nature photography you can’t always do it right. Especially with birds it can be a challenge when they are up in the trees or in a bush, but I still like to try to get a good shot. That is also the … Continue reading Another Sparrow

Male House Sparrow

Above is a photo of a house sparrow and I believe it is a male house sparrow. I shot the photo last year somewhere in Timmendorf near the beach. They were sitting on a glass fence but I also found them in the bushes near the beach. Generally, they are very common here and I see them often. If you like bird photos, you can find more on my blog and also different photos of sparrows. Continue reading Male House Sparrow

House Sparrow

Here is a photo of a house sparrow that I shot during a hike in Bad Schwartau, a town that is smaller and more rural. I found a lot of sparrows on my way, there are much more in rural areas. I did already take several pictures of sparrows in the past, but this time I am actually not that sure if the bird in the picture is a female or male sparrow. However, it’s definitely a sparrow, that’s enough to know to tag this photo correctly for my blog. I hope you liked this photo. Continue reading House Sparrow

A Sparrow Searching For Prey

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the last weeks, but as I mentioned often, this is not really a problem because my backlog is still huge. In this post I want to show you a bird photo again, and I am sure it should be a sparrow. I assume it is a female house sparrow but now I go out on a limb, because I am not really an ornithology expert. It seems the bird searched for insects and found gnats. It could even be that the bird searched the prey to feed the own fledglings, because … Continue reading A Sparrow Searching For Prey

Bird In The Garden

Time for a bird photo again. Now in the city I have less chances to take photos of birds. I mainly find pigeons, crows and common blackbirds, but sometimes I also find other birds in the bushes, in the parks, outside of the districts or in the nature around the city. As my mother has a garden, there is another chance to take photos of some special birds. The photo in this post was taken in her garden, I think it was an old house sparrow. Anyway, I still miss the country, it was much easier to find birds in … Continue reading Bird In The Garden