Another Sparrow


I already shot several photos of sparrows, but I thought I upload another one. It’s maybe not the greatest photo, but also not one I would want to delete because the sparrow is still clearly visible. What I just don’t like is that the branches in the photos are a bit distracting from the main subject. But with nature photography you can’t always do it right. Especially with birds it can be a challenge when they are up in the trees or in a bush, but I still like to try to get a good shot. That is also the fun part of photography, it’s you and the camera trying to capture the moment, even if it’s a challenge if there is something between you and your lens and the subject. You can find more bird photos on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Another Sparrow

  1. Shooting birds is an art form and not an easy one. I think it’s easier if you use a camera that has a big format so you can carve the picture out of a larger shot. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of light and motion, neither of which are a photographer’s good friend.

    1. I always wondered about this… is the full frame resolution that good that you can basically get close to a APS_C 1.5x crop factor plus cropping in Lightroom, without getting quality issues?

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