Church and Moon

St. Petri Kirche Lübeck und Mond

Above is a photo that I shot some time ago. I saw the moon beside the St. Petri Church in Lübeck and liked the scene. What I noticed or learned is that sometimes the moon will appear much bigger if there is an object in the foreground. I think same counts if the moon is near the horizon and if I am not wrong it’s called Moon Illusion. I believe lens compression helps too if you shoot with a Tele lens. I shot the photo with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I have an old post from 2013 where you can see the whole church tower beside our Holsten Gate.

4 thoughts on “Church and Moon

    1. Yes, it absolutely works with trees. I discovered it last year when I walked through a park. There was a tree on the left and on the right, and in the middle the moon which appeared massive to my eyes, a lot more massive than in my picture in this post. Walking further I noticed the moon was small again, I almost scratched my head. Minutes later I walked towards a pretty big footbridge and on the side again the big moon. It helps if the moon is pretty close to the horizon:

      Weeks later and by accident, I saw a moon photo on social media with a hill and castle in the foreground if I remember right. There was a discussion where people talked about tele lens compression and the Moon illussion. So, I think these two factors are at play. Pretty interesting.

    1. Haha, cool 🙂 In a way it’s a bit photoshopped… but not the moon size. I shot the photo in the evening but somehow a blue tone was missing to make it look like a night shot. So, I added a bit more blue tone to the image. Apart from that I cropped the image a bit.

      I am glad you like it 🙂

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