Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Holsten Gate and Petri Church in Lübeck

This image is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand.
The gate on the left side of the image is called Holstentor (in english: Holsten Gate) and it is the landmark of the town Lübeck where I live.

People who are interested about this beautiful and old architecture, might want to check out the article about the Holsten Gate on Wikipedia. While I know a lot about our landmark, I am actually little bit too lazy to prepare a complex and huge article. But I might hit that topic in the future too as I still have a lot of Holsten Gate photos on my hard drive.

On the right side you can see a huge church which is called St. Petrikirche (in english: St. Petri Church). Today there is an elevator in the church which means you can visit the platform and watch down to the city. I might do that again in the future to take some nice photos for my blog.

Lübeck has a lot of very old architecture with a long history…

I have already written some articles about the historic town Lübeck. And I will do so in the future. Hope you liked the image. I think both buildings are big enough to say that they fit to the Weekly Photo Challenge with the motto “Grand”. 🙂

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