Digital Currency Bitcoin maybe in Free Fall again…

Looks like the digital currency called Bitcoin is situated in a free fall again after the big rise of the last weeks. The value of the digital currency was now above 1000 USD for some time but it seems that this is over now. The Bitcoin currency is known for being very volatile. The price jumped immediately up to over 1000 USD when the Chinese search engine Baidu accepted the currency.

But now the latest news is that the People’s Bank of China does not allow banks to handle with the Bitcoin currency in China. And not only this. There is now also a new statement from the Chinese web search engine Baidu, that they cease to support the Bitcoin currency as a payment method.

Dear acceleration music users:

Due to the recent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin larger unable to protect the interests of users, in response to the risk of state-controlled bitcoin spirit Baidu music accelerate decision to suspend with immediate effect from accepting bitcoin buy accelerate music services.

China was one of the reasons and factors why the value of a Bitcoin was flying high. But it might be that this high-altitude flight is now interrupted. But this would not be the first Bitcoin bubble that bursted. The digital currency was jumping up and down several times now.

TechCrunch reports that the trading exchange service Mt.Gox has now massive delays, and that seems to be an additional problem now.

The price for a Bitcoin is at the moment I write the article here below 800 USD. The big question that many now have is, if the Bitcoin is crashing again and it might be that this is the case. But let´s see what will happen next hours and days.

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