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Buy ETH with PayPal

How To Get Into Ethereum With PayPal

Get Into Ethereum With PayPal Attention: The method in this guide is no longer working as VirWox has permanently closed its business on January 6, 2020. In this small guide […]

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum 2.0 Released

As mentioned earlier, Electrum version 2.0 was on it’s way, but now it is fully released and you can find the files on the Electrum download page. This seems to […]

Microsoft Does Accept Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin gains more acceptance. Another big company starts to accept Bitcoin and this time it is Microsoft. They made it now possible to add funds to your Microsoft account via […]

New Blue Graphic Created For Bitcoin

I follow the Bitcoin technology very closely, as I mentioned several times on my blog. I like the idea about Bitcoin and as an amateur Photoshop user I can contribute […]

What Is Bitcoin

I follow a very interesting technology innovation since some time. It’s a payment technology called Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? Well, it is basically a digital currency, a new way to […]

Fiveer Accepts Bitcoin From Now On

It´s now possible to buy Gigs on Fiverr with Bitcoin. Fiverr is a website where people from all around the world do offer small services for five dollars. These listings […]

Bitcoin´s Banned In Russia

Another bad news for Bitcoin owner´s and user´s. Russia did officially ban the use of Bitcoin and created a regulation that names the digital currency a “money substitute”. Here is […]

Overstock Now Accepts Bitcoins

I mentioned already in an earlier article that the retailer Overstock would plan to accept Bitcoins in 2014. But this came true now. It is now official, the retailer Overstock […]