ChangeTip, A New Way To Send And Receive Bitcoin Tips

There is a new fun way to send and receive tips and donations over the internet. The service is called ChangeTip and it’s basically a micropayments infrastructure for the web and they allow you to send and receive the digital currency Bitcoin.

UPDATE: ChangeTip is now a discontinued service! My article will stay visible in the archieve, but ChangeTip no longer works!

You know how it is to receive “likes” and to give “likes” on social media sites. But what would be if you could tip people who create content you like, or what if people could tip you because they like the content you create? If you think about this, than you do understand what ChangeTip is about. It makes it possible and it is fun and it just takes seconds to send or receive a tip there.

At the time I write this post, ChangeTip does already support Bitcoin tipping on Twitter, Reddit, Github, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr and StockTwits. But I think there’s more to come because I follow it since some time and they do frequently add new features. It’s really a fast growing service.

Apart from social media tipping, you can also create your own tipping page that you can link everywhere (for example on your blog) to receive Bitcoin tips over the page. Here is for example my tip page, so that you can see how it looks like. Other ChangeTip users can simply tip you over this page if you created one too. But as said, they can also do it on the social media sites where you are active, because you can link them to your ChangeTip account.

If you are interested to set up your own Bitcoin tipping account and profile, you just need to click on “login” or “start now” on the ChangeTip site and from there you can login with your favorite social media account. On this way you connect it and your ChangeTip account will be created. Once your account is ready, you can add your other social media accounts when you click on the settings wheel.

If you have questions, you can check out the frequently asked question section. If you are Reddit user, I suggest you to check out the the related subreddit where ChangeTip users discuss and help each other. If you want to find out more about ChangeTip, I also do highly recommend the ChangeTip blog.

To make use of ChangeTip and to accept Bitcoin there, and in case you never heard about the digital currency Bitcoin, I recommend you to read about it here and here.

If you are interested, I also recommend you to set up an online wallet for Bitcoin. The service Coinbase is a very well-known one and does allow you to set up a wallet that you can use to store Bitcoin or to make purchases in online shops that accept Bitcoin. Coinbase is basically a payment provider similar to PayPal, just with the difference that Coinbase allows you to manage your Bitcoin currency. The good thing is that you can exchange money between the Bitcoin services like the micropayment provider ChangeTip and the payment provider Coinbase.

The Bitcoin currency and technology is designed to build up on it. Many startups do it already. ChangeTip is one of the very interesting projects based on the Bitcoin technology and sending or receiving Bitcoin tips is quite funny. This is why I like Bitcoin, it’s not only that the currency is interesting, it’s the fact that it allows startups to create services around the Bitcoin technology. It’s pretty interesting.

Have you heard about Bitcoin? What is your opinion? Do you use Bitcoin already and do you have a ChangeTip profile? Tell me your experience, let me know what you think!


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