Pink Style Cat Photo

My cat with pink background

I just woke up in the middle of the night and I was unable to fall asleep again. That happens at times but I really dislike to stare at the ceiling for too long and decided to boot up my computer to use the time. I started Photoshop and picked one of Shyna’s photos to create something crazy. This time I decided to give one of her photos a pink touch.

It’s maybe a little bit overdone and I am especially unhappy with the eye’s because something looks wrong there. I wanted to colorize them pink but it’s overdone and it still looks pale and too bright compared to the rest of the image. However, I like that her fur really stands out. But then I am also not so happy with the background because there are some artefacts and the shadows on the background are annoying, but that’s just how I took the photo.

Anyway, I wanted to show the edited photo because overall it’s still cute with the pink style and that’s how I killed my boredom in the middle of the night. Here is how the original photo looked like…

Original cat photo


4 thoughts on “Pink Style Cat Photo

    1. Thanks Charles. Now after some sleep and watching at the image again, I agree, it does look interesting anyhow. When I work for too long on an image, it’s sometimes hard to decide if the results are good or not 🙂

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