Google PageRank Update in 2013 Dec 6

A news here for webmasters and bloggers. Google updated the PageRank toolbar today in the early morning on Dec 6. Before this one, the last one was in February 4. Some time ago, a user on Twitter asked Matt Cutts of the Google Search Quality team if there would be another PageRank update in 2013 as a long time passed without any update from February on. Matt Cutts asnwered at that time “”I would be surprised if that happened.”… But the PageRank got updated anyway today Dec 6.

It is always fun to find out about the new PageRank of the own website but it should be mentioned that the PageRank is just one little ranking factor in the Google algorithm. The importance is not too big anymore as there are many other ranking factors. That means it is possible that you can find PageRank 0 websites on the first places of a google keyword search. A high PageRank is not a guaranty to rank high. Today Google can understand and read web content pretty well and it means that good content will rank high. Today it fortunately takes more than just having backlinks to the own project.

However… The PageRank is still a little quality indicator that some of us webmaster like to see, when the toolbar gets an update. So, you might check your PageRank out now 😉

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