Scammers And Fake Listings On Ebay

There are so many frauds going on in the internet, and that is just sad because it makes the experience of using certain services worse for everyone. Once in a while I do find blatant scams, and recently it happened on Ebay again. I purchased a new guitar recently (not on Ebay) and I am happy with it, but I still have some other guitars on my radar if the price would be right. Of course, Ebay is a great place to find bargains, and especially with guitars we’re currently in a buyers market, which means you really could find … Continue reading Scammers And Fake Listings On Ebay

Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

I recently wrote about the new cat breed called Lykoi. This seems to be an up-and-coming or let me say very trendy new cat breed. It seems that the original breeders of the unique Lykoi cats are pretty busy right now. They had round about 5000 followers on their Facebook page yesterday and then I saw that they had already 7810 fans today and they might even have much more if you found my article here very late. But if you take my value, then this is a percent increase of round about 56% in just one day and I … Continue reading Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

Google Googles The Visual Search Tool App

Google offers a nifty visual search tool app. You can basically take photos with the app and the app will show you results related to your photo. It´s simply “Searching by taking a picture” and the app will provide you useful information’s as long as long as it is in Google’s database. The app is called “Google Googles” and is available for Android and iOS user will only need the Google Search app where you can choose to search by text or with a photo. The app can also read barcodes to fetch product information or a QR code to … Continue reading Google Googles The Visual Search Tool App

Google PageRank Update in 2013 Dec 6

A news here for webmasters and bloggers. Google updated the PageRank toolbar today in the early morning on Dec 6. Before this one, the last one was in February 4. Some time ago, a user on Twitter asked Matt Cutts of the Google Search Quality team if there would be another PageRank update in 2013 as a long time passed without any update from February on. Matt Cutts asnwered at that time “”I would be surprised if that happened.”… But the PageRank got updated anyway today Dec 6. It is always fun to find out about the new PageRank of … Continue reading Google PageRank Update in 2013 Dec 6