Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

I recently wrote about the new cat breed called Lykoi. This seems to be an up-and-coming or let me say very trendy new cat breed. It seems that the original breeders of the unique Lykoi cats are pretty busy right now.

They had round about 5000 followers on their Facebook page yesterday and then I saw that they had already 7810 fans today and they might even have much more if you found my article here very late. But if you take my value, then this is a percent increase of round about 56% in just one day and I would say this is pretty much. Sure, Lykoi cats got a lot of media attention the days and this seems to be one big factor of this rapid growth of the popularity of the Lykoi cats. But this is surely a new cute looking cat breed, so that I think it is very comprehensible.

Talking about trends, I often really love to play with Google Trends. You can compare the popularity of search queries with this Google tool. While I am aware of the fact that there are a lot of different cat breeds, I only was able to compare five cat breeds with each other with Google Trends. I guess this is the maximum you can compare there but this does allow us anyway to find out more about the popularity of the Lykoi cats. I decided to compare the search queries Siamese cat, persian cat, Ragdoll cat, Sphynx cat and of course Lykoi cat with each other. Here is a screenshot and you can also click on the imaget to open this comparison on Google Trends (Values might change):

Lykoi Breed Trend

The blue line is the search query for Lykoi cats and as you can see, there is a huge gain in popularity. As said, the lines do represent how often people do search on Google for the exact terms which we compared with Google Trends. The Lykoi cat line comes already very close to the search requests of the very well established other cat breeds. That is a sign that there is a Lykoi trend imminent.

You maybe know Google Autocomplete. When you do search something with help of Google, you often get suggestions. Google can show you these suggestions based on the most popular search request which are recorded in their database. For the search term Lykoi, there are already some suggestions. If you type in Lykoi, you will already get suggestions like “Lykoi”, “Lykoi cat” and Lykoi cat for sale”. That is one indicator for a trend as well. The fact that Google suggests “Lykoi cat for sale”, means that a lot of people already search for it.

Lykoi Cat Google Autocomplete

But here comes the problem. If you are actually under the spell of the Lykoi breed and if you want to buy a Lykoi cat, there is just a small chance that you will get one. As you can see in my article, there already seems to be a huge demand but if I understand it right there are no Lykoi cats available at the moment. Johnny and Brittney mentioned on their Lykoi cat availability page that the Lykoi gene pool is so small that they try to outcross these cute kitties to create genetic diversity and a healthy breed as they say. That´s the reason why most of their kitties stay in their breeding program at the moment. But they do also mention that they expect to have more kittens available regularly in 2016. I have read anywhere that they will work or do already work with other breeders together but it seems that it will take some time until this new breed is “established” and that there are Lykoi cats for sale regularly.

Now we have it. There is an upcoming Lykoi cat trend and a huge demand but a nearly non-existent availability until 2016 as it seems. And I do not talk about world-wide availability at the moment. Even now it is fascinating and I bet it won´t take too much of time to see these kitties conquer the world.

Do you find the werewolf cats interesting too? What´s you opinion? Feel free to leave a comment here if you like.

3 thoughts on “Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

  1. I am a lykoi breeder in Indiana, U.S.A. and just wanted to drop you a note. Currently Johnny and Brittney have enlisted the help Lol 15 other breeders besides themselves to breed these cats. These breeders are strategically placed in certain geographical areas all over the world including Europe. Right now we are outcrossing our lykoi to black domestic cats. The kittens born from these unions look like regular black domestic cats, but they carry the lykoi gene. So, this coming winter/spring I will breed my lykoi to a black domestic- then in early summer they will be born and in late summer they will be weaned. Then, because they carry the gene but don’t show it, I/we will swap some of those kittens with other breeders to avoid inbreeding, and 9 months from then those regular looking black cats who carry the lykoi gene will breed together and produce 25% lykoi kittens. We will then have more ACTUAL lykoi breeding stock to work with. When those lykoi mature they will be placed within our breeder network and bred to other ACTUAL lykoi and produce 100% lykoi kittens, which will give us a VERY LIMITED AND PROBABLY EXPENSIVE supply of kittens we can afford to sell to the public after they are spayed or neutered. They will be extra healthy because we chose not to be money hungry in breeders, but rather we had the patience to work a some strong domestic blood into our lines. Some of the best and most responsible people out there are working on this breed in hopes that one day many others will be able to enjoy it too. We also are not changing the look of the breed. You see modern show cats manipulated into strange shapes by breeders, but not us. This is a God-given natural breed, and we outcross to domestics because they have the same shape and size. Peace to all. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer SILVERBULLET LYKOI

    1. Thank you Sir for this very informative update. I´m pretty much interested to read about the Lykoi cats since I found them in the internet. I assumed it will take some time to breed so many, that other people can enjoy those cute creatures 🙂 But with all the media attention they got, they seem to have already a huge fanbase.

      When I researched about the Lykoi breed, I found out that the involved set high standards for the good of this breed. I get your point about some other cat breeds that are overbred to meet certain criteria on shows. It´s sad because there are indeed some cat breeds that sadly have to pay with the own health just because humans set criteria like a “flat nose” for example. It´s unnatural and the cats suffer. Therefor, I thank you because the main criteria should be a healthy breed. I´m pretty habby that this your main criteria and that you are patient breeders for the good of the cats.

      Your update on this subject is much appreciated as I am very interested to learn more.

      Hope to see Lykoi all around some day 🙂


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