Annoying Changes Here At WordPress (rant)

I really start to get annoyed by the constant changes here at They surely should get rid of these disruptive kids of developers who mean to change things that looked and worked well for years. It’s not that I only see this behaviour here, I notice it everywhere on other social media platforms on other big websites and in computer games. I really like dislike these hipster developers. Never touch a running system, is that an aged quote? I believe so. How can someone spend energy on things that work well? Beep beep boop was probably just the first … Continue reading Annoying Changes Here At WordPress (rant)

Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

I recently wrote about the new cat breed called Lykoi. This seems to be an up-and-coming or let me say very trendy new cat breed. It seems that the original breeders of the unique Lykoi cats are pretty busy right now. They had round about 5000 followers on their Facebook page yesterday and then I saw that they had already 7810 fans today and they might even have much more if you found my article here very late. But if you take my value, then this is a percent increase of round about 56% in just one day and I … Continue reading Lykoi Cats Might Conquer The World

Cross-platform.. the Poison for PC-Games… at least what I think!

I downloaded the Crysis 2 demo to check out the game but also to check out my hardware and if this engine would run on my system. I had no problems with the system requirements so that the game runs on the highest settings without problems. It was a multiplayer demo and I checked the game out then. But I couldnĀ“t be happy as the graphics were completely overdone.. To much glow, bloom and many more ugly effects. Everything is just overdone! It looks more like a PS3 or Xbox Game.. well, it is one of the latest cross-platform games.. … Continue reading Cross-platform.. the Poison for PC-Games… at least what I think!