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Cross-platform.. the Poison for PC-Games… at least what I think!

I downloaded the Crysis 2 demo to check out the game but also to check out my hardware and if this engine would run on my system. I had no problems with the system requirements so that the game runs on the highest settings without problems.

It was a multiplayer demo and I checked the game out then. But I couldn´t be happy as the graphics were completely overdone.. To much glow, bloom and many more ugly effects. Everything is just overdone! It looks more like a PS3 or Xbox Game.. well, it is one of the latest cross-platform games.. Just a port. You did feel it already in the settings screen.. no need for custom settings here. In the graphic settings screen you couldn´t do much more than choose between three settings! Just wow! Is this a trend? Maybe because people didn’t understand the graphic settings screens from the past? Must everything be adjusted to casuals and too easy today? Where are we now? That´s not what I call PC game. What is if I want to disable all the overdone effects like the massive glow and bloom? It looks just horrible and I thought Crysis 1 did impress me more.. but maybe I just don’t remember right.

I didn’t feel that only with graphics.. No I did feel it with the controls as well. Everything feels like you play with a control pad while you play with keyboard and mouse! And that is mad! I thought “Do I play a PS3 or Xbox game here?”… Well I forgot.. it is a cross-platform game. However.. it was not possible to target enemies as these controls are just bad.

I’m still afraid that Battlefield 3 will be the same fail! Ok I wont write a blog post here “Why Crysis 2 failed” or “Why Battlefield 3 will fail” but in my opinion the first failed already, at least for my flavor and the second.. who knows? But yes it’s just about flavor.. so create your own opinion about that game please. The games will sell anyway even if I don’t know why 😀

I’m just not a fan of cross-platform games.. I see to many drawbacks here. I don’t even want to write about all them because it might be that I would end with a wall of text.

I just can say.. less innovation, graphics overdone, bad usability and so on.. yes your maybe right if you say “Oh no.. is this a flame blog post here?”. Yep it is.

I just had to deinstall the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo very fast.

I just did need to write down my opinion here as I am shocked about direction and trend, where PC Games are today. As I said.. everyone can have an own opinion at this point 😉

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