I found this picture in my photo library and before I never use it, I post it now. Also, since my stories are often inspired by photos and not the other way around, I might be able to share some words here. The last time I smoked tobacco or any cigarettes was December 4 in 2016. Now I was curious how many days or years of being smoke-free that is. I opened one of those “time past” calculators on the internet and the answer is 3 years and 182 days. So, it will be 4 years next December. I am … Continue reading Smoke-Free

More Fruits

If you are readings my blog since some time, you probably heard that I love vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumber or anything that goes into the salad. Yeah, that’s fine, because I know people who hate vegetables and I am glad that I am different in this case. The issue is however that I usually shared the same feeling about fruits, I wouldn’t say that I hate fruits but they were simply not often on my menu, except bananas maybe. When I was shopping today I saw beautiful looking apples and got the idea to start eating more fruits. Sometimes … Continue reading More Fruits