More Fruits

Apple Pieces

If you are readings my blog since some time, you probably heard that I love vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumber or anything that goes into the salad. Yeah, that’s fine, because I know people who hate vegetables and I am glad that I am different in this case. The issue is however that I usually shared the same feeling about fruits, I wouldn’t say that I hate fruits but they were simply not often on my menu, except bananas maybe. When I was shopping today I saw beautiful looking apples and got the idea to start eating more fruits. Sometimes I get a bit hungry between the main meals or I want to snack something, and usually it would have been things like potato chips, pudding or other things, but I got the idea that I could cut fruits into pieces and snack them instead. That’s what I did with my apples today. Eating vegetables is already healthy, hiking and running too, but I thought I can top that with consuming more fruits.

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