Common Blackbird Again

Above is another entry for my common blackbird gallery. The original image was not very good, that means there was heavy editing done. That included almost everything like cropping, tone editing, sharpening and noise reduction. It’s not perfect quality but I liked the pose of the bird so much that I definitely wanted to have this picture in my gallery. I do like that the bird has the beak opened, it looks cool. I hope you like the image too.


4 thoughts on “Common Blackbird Again

    1. I always like it if they do something other than sitting… like running up a branch, or as in this case opening the beak 🙂 But sadly I can’t always get these shots because I am not patient enough to wait, and well bird aren’t that patient either and just fly away 😀 I am glad you like this, despite the quality loss due to the cropping and chromatic aberration, it’s my favorite blackbird shot too 🙂

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