Common Blackbird

Not much to say about the photo above, apart from the fact that it is a Common Blackbird. We have them everywhere flying around in our districts. Currently I do more sports than hiking, and when I just roam around in our city districts, I shoot more common photos, like common birds, cats and stuff like that. Two days ago I was running again and was totally mad when I saw this grey heron with a fish between the beak. Of course I don’t have a camera with me when I go run. But maybe I shouldn’t complain, because I … Continue reading Common Blackbird

Taking it Easy

I thought I share one of my photos again. As you might have noticed, I didn’t do that very often recently. The main reason is that autumn starts and me and my friends, we are completely in PC gaming mood right now. When I spend time with my friends in computer games, I don’t want to spend extra time doing other things on the PC. That means I am currently not in the mood to spend additional hours to edit pictures or uploading them. Also, this autumn and winter I will probably try to work off my backlog of photos. … Continue reading Taking it Easy

Common Blackbird Close-Up

Here is a photo of a common blackbird again. I could get quite close with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, but I cropped the image to get even closer. The image quality didn’t suffer too much, I like how it turned out. It’s interesting, because you would think they always look the same, and they basically do, but since I shot many photos of common blackbirds, I start to notice differences. Yeah, they are black, but the body shape is often very different, or the feather tone can vary or the length of the beak for example. The bird in the … Continue reading Common Blackbird Close-Up