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Common Blackbird

Common Blackbird

Not much to say about the photo above, apart from the fact that it is a Common Blackbird. We have them everywhere flying around in our districts. Currently I do more sports than hiking, and when I just roam around in our city districts, I shoot more common photos, like common birds, cats and stuff like that. Two days ago I was running again and was totally mad when I saw this grey heron with a fish between the beak. Of course I don’t have a camera with me when I go run. But maybe I shouldn’t complain, because I do already have a few grey heron photos on my blog, it’s just that I liked the scene with the fish so much. But well, sometimes you miss the good shots because you are doing other things, that is ok.


  1. It is maddening how you see the perfect shot just when you don’t have a camera. Recently I glanced out my kitchen window to see a robin in my maple tree. It would have been a great shot but I was in the middle of cooking and even the camera had not been in another room I had to stop and wipe my hands first. I did run and get it but of course he flew out of the tree but then he flew back to it but perched behind some leaves where I would not be able to get a decent shot. Robins don’t visit me very often and only in winter so that was annoying.

    • Yeah that’s sad. I had these situations quite often. It actually even happens on the last meters of my hikes… when I am almost at home. At the end, in the district, I usually put my camera back into the bag… but out of the sudden, there is a squirrel on the path… I even had a common crane flying over our district when I was on my mother’s balcony, and the camera was in the living room. Same with eagles, I almost never see them, except if I don’t have my camera with me (laugh). These situations often happen.

      I hope you get another chance with a robin.

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