Swimming 1.2 Kilometers

Indoor Swimming Pool
Brisbane Aquatic Centre. Photo shot and released by Kgbo under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence. Work remixed by Diary of Dennis under same license.

Today I went into the indoor swimming pool again. Today I wanted to try the 50 meter laps. My distances increase, because I am getting used to it again. Today I swam the 50 meters about 24 times, that means it must have been about 1.2 kilometers. I tried a couple of laps to be fast, but overall I just wanted to swim for a long time. I think I was one and a half hour in the pool, but of course I also jumped a few times from the spring boards at the end. I am pretty sure that I burned a lot of calories, if you believe all those calculators in the web, it should have been about 1000 kilocalories. And I am pretty sure this is right, because when I went home, I became hungry, so hungry that it felt like starving. At home I ate enough to feel good again.

Talking about the pool again, there was a swimming club doing training on the other side of the pool, and it’s mind-blowing how fast they swim 50 meters. I mean really, it’s insane how fast they are. And from a photographers standpoint, it looks aesthetic, because they glide through the water like dolphins. People in Germany value their privacy, and it’s of course forbidden to take photos in the indoor pool. If you would do that, people would think you’re a creep. But if I ever hear that they are looking for a photographer, I’d totally offer to take photos for them. I mean seriously, sports photography is probably as interesting as any other subject.

6 thoughts on “Swimming 1.2 Kilometers

  1. Athletes just keep breaking records, running and swimming faster, jumping higher. it is quite freakish in some ways but then today’s athletes probably spend a lot more time training as they have sponsors etc while in the past they needed to have a real job and the sport was something they did in their spare time.
    It might be worth while for you to approach the swimming club to see if they would like some photos, perhaps when they are in a competition.

  2. While I did crawl a few laps, I did mostly normal swimming and needed a short break every ten laps. That’s fine because I just want a bit of different physical activity aside the jogging. But what is fascinating is that they did crawl like one and half hour non-stop. With so much training, I think they are already fishes 🙂 In fact they even continued when I left the pool… so, they probably crawl over 2 hours. That’s just mind-blowing… I’d die and thought “Hats off guys!”. Yeah, all these athletes, what they achieve, it’s indeed freakish. This is just a normal swimming club, I don’t want to know how the training looks like for these professionals that do olympic swimming.

  3. Feel free to follow my posts and blogs and I am posting pics and vids of my swimming group over the next 9 months and we ramp up our training. My blog follows the journey as I get ready to swim the Rottnest Channel in Perth WA. Have a look and let me know your thoughts,only 4 years ago I was the one in the pool on the other side of the lane ropes look at those swimmers saying wow there are fast. Now I have a new swim family.

    1. My respect! But I think I won’t take it that far, because I started swimming again to add another activity to my fitness routine (running, hiking). There are days when my legs hurt, but then swimming is still possible because the water carries you. I also like the fact that all muscles get trained when I swim. I dislike fitness clubs, but swimming is really good. I always feel like freshly-born when I get out of the pool 🙂 I definitely will stick with it, swimming laps regularly but not more. 🙂

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