When I hiked along the beach between Travemünde and Timmendorf, I saw that many people had put stones over stones. I think it is called stone stacking. I’ve seen this somewhere while I browsed YouTube, but now this trend arrived here too. It’s maybe a good way to test your patience, but I also saw a video of a ranger in Australia, who said that this would be dangerous for certain animals. Parts of our coast are full of these stacked stones, I mean I saw hundreds of these stacked stones. Not sure what is so trendy about it.

4 thoughts on “Balance

    1. I found the video again…. he speaks of 3 reasons why rock stacking is bad:

      According to him, it’s even dangerous for humans, at least in the Australian bush, because stones are used to show directions of a track… and stone stacking could lead hikers deep into the bush, the wrong way, where they could get lost and die.

      He also mentions the reasons why it’s bad for endangered species.

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