When I hiked along the beach between Travemünde and Timmendorf, I saw that many people had put stones over stones. I think it is called stone stacking. I’ve seen this somewhere while I browsed YouTube, but now this trend arrived here too. It’s maybe a good way to test your patience, but I also saw a video of a ranger in Australia, who said that this would be dangerous for certain animals. Parts of our coast are full of these stacked stones, I mean I saw hundreds of these stacked stones. Not sure what is so trendy about it. Continue reading Balance

DICE: BF4 Balancing Poll

It´s no secret that BF4 is completely unbalanced. Some of my friends are pretty pissed about this fact but I told them that it is after all the trouble better if DICE would focus on bug fixing rather than balancing the game. Sure, it sucks how the game has been released but technical problems should be solved before the balancing. I still wouldn´t call BF4 problem-free but it is at least on a good way and next we really could talk about game balancing. That´s what DICE thought too… They did set up a poll about BF4 balancing and you … Continue reading DICE: BF4 Balancing Poll

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

With the photo above I want to participate to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected. This is a shot with my smartphone and the quality is not great as the lighting conditions were bad. But it was still one of the moments when my cat gets funny. That is usually the moment when my cat starts to show some unexpected talents. This is why I think that the image does fit to the challenge even with bad quality of the photo. On the photo you can see a chair with a broken seat. The photo was taken before I wanted to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected